SO…while in Manchester, England I was able to trek down to the ITV Granada Studios where the longest-running television show in the UK , Coronation Street, is filmed. This show has been on the air for a whopping 52 years, and if you watch it, you can easily understand why. The storylines, sets and character development are all simply incredible.

I will admit that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the back corner of “the street” on the Granada lot, but those palpitations increased 690,000x when I saw actor after actor after actor streaming in and out by car and by foot!

At the gates were a few stalkers superfans who come down to catch a glimpse of the stars on a weekly basis. Yes, some as much as three times per week. They were very peculiar interesting and filled me in on ALL the Corrie actor gossip. So do stop reading here if you could give a funk less about the show, but if you’re a super fan like me…click below to read on for all the gossip AND all the photos of the stars up close and personal! 🙂

Here’s a bunch of the candid photos I shot outside the gates of the Granada lot in just one day!
So here’s the info I gleaned from the regulars who stalk hang around near the street:
Actors arrive most mornings at 7am and leaving between 6pm and 8pm Monday to Friday.
As for the actors, here is the low-down (character names used rather than real names as that is waaaaay too much effort to look up!)
Peter Barlow – super friendly; always stops to sign autographs; always poses for photos. More attractive in real life than on the show. A heavy smoker.
Carla Connor – friendly and always stops for photos. Very attractive in real life. Was saying she was knackered and wishes she had more time with her three-year old, generally only seeing her on Saturday mornings because she’s always at work.
Rita Sullivan – has never stopped for photos or autographs.
Emily Bishop – will not stop for photos or autographs and “hides” in the cabs so fans won’t see her.
Lewis Archer – races by fans and is too “busy” for photos.
Dev Alahan – the only actor actively seeking out the attention of the fans and paparazzi by honking his horn, waving, yattering, etc.
Kirk Sutherland – stops for photos and is quite friendly. Drives a super beamer. Who’d a thunk it?
Tommy Duckworth – is extremely friendly and stops for endless photos. Is a paparazzi favourite. Drives a stylin’ Audi.
Eve Price – stops for photos grudgingly; paparazzi go wild when she arrives.
Sally Webster – friendly and gladly poses for photos
Simon Barlow – arrives every morning by taxi.
The “regulars” say the most attractive stars are in person are Tina McIntre for the ladies and Dr. Carter for the men.
This entire experience was SO EXCITING for THIS Corrie fan! 🙂
ADDENDUM: And back in Canada, thousands of miles from Weatherfield, who do I see…?
Here is a generic aerial shot that shows the Street sitting on the Granada lot in Manchester.

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  1. Claysirei says:

    Whoooooaaaa CHICA!!!!!!!

    You got to see allll that……

    I bet your heart skipped a few beats, now you should go check out your other fav show, 2 1/2 Men! Jaaaaaaaa.

  2. Arlsthepartymachine says:

    Wowzers is right Fly….Whooooaaaaa for real! What an experience….Gua-ron-teeed if I stood out there I’d likely see no one that would be my luck…
    I am SUPER Jealous….but great photos!!!!!

  3. MC says:

    Luv the pics! They look better in your pics than they do on TV. So awesome! I’m envious. You rock da house! Great stalking…. but could be better.. jajaja!! MC

  4. oliviaa says:

    hey i borrowed your photos if thats okay. i tagged your name in them so gave credit so no one can use them, and im @Alisonkingfanz on twitter :’)

  5. Deborah says:

    Loved reading about your day at Corrie. Great write up and fabulous photos. From someone who has done this a number of times (and recognized people in your photos), I could picture you there and feel the excitement. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Helen says:

    Hi! I’m really sorry but I used your picture of Ali and Chris for a youtube video and it wasn’t until i’d uploaded it that I realised i’d used a fan pic and not a pap shot. I’ve credited you in the info but I can take it down again if you’re not okay with me using it? (i’m @heleni0 on twitter, btw). The vid is here:

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