Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero – “Seize the Day, trusting as little as possible in the future” – Horace

I feel now, as I think I’ve always felt…you need to live for THIS day and for THIS moment. Don’t only fill your life with plans that are months and years and decades away. Travel NOW. Go to that movie on a weeknight.

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Live A Life Less Ordinary…

“If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do – and don’t do it.” – Tommy Newberry

OFC’s Word of the Day – Kvetchy

Kvetchy (ˈkvɛtʃɪ)

— adjective
persistently whining or complaining
Etymology: Yiddish (kvetshn, to complain). First Known Use: circa 1952

Examples of KVETCH

I tell ya, that vato is always kvetching about something!
<a chronically resentful person who seems to look for things to kvetch about>

Twelve Bad Habits to Stop in the Next Twelve Months

So, I’m a big fan of lists. To-do lists, present lists, goal lists, what-to-do-to-change-your-life lists, etc. I’ve got a load of them and don’t actually complete most of the tasks on said lists, but it just feels good to have them to reference.

I saw this list yesterday, and think it’s phenomenal…


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Joyfulness (and candy) keeps the heart young…

Man does not cease to play because he grows old; man grows old because he ceases to play.  – George Bernard Shaw

And on that note, here’s my 2012 trick or treating haul! 🙂

Busy, busy, busy – but are we really?

This morning I received an email from my dad telling me that I had to check out this New York Times Opinions blog his friend Karen had sent him.  And wow – it was so, so worth the read. If you think you’re “too busy” for this and for that, give this a read and I’m sure you’ll figure out you’re not. Yes, you do have the time to read this now.

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We’re on a road to nowhere…come on inside…

We’re on a road to nowhere…come on inside…


I took this shot in the middle of rural Saskatchewan, and the iconic 80’s song “Road to Nowhere” by the Talking Heads immediately came to mind…


“My name is MCA, I’ve got a license to kill…What’s the time? It’s time to get ill!”

Adam Yauch aka MCA, one-third of the greatest band that has ever made its way onto my radar, the Beastie Boys, passed away on May 4, 2012 after a valiant battle with Cancer. I have been reading page after page after page of tributes to the late MCA and I am truly touched by what I’m reading as there is just so much love out there for what he was, what he stood for and what he meant to so many people’s lives.

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Typical Albertan Attitude?

Took a double-take at this truck in Calgary, Alberta yesterday and just had to snap a pic. Umm…redneck really???

Edited to add: Maybe it is ME that is the typical Albertan busy snapping photos while tailgating. 🙂

We REALLY Need To Talk About Kevin…

“She is the wrong person…in the wrong life…with the wrong child”.

Review by One Fly Chica

“We Need To Talk About Kevin” is an earth-shattering, mind-bending and life-changing film.

It has been years since a film disturbed me, excited me and attacked my every emotion as deeply as with “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. I saw the movie three weeks ago, but needed to go see it again because it was just THAT good. This film is a cinematic masterpiece on all levels and I highly recommend taking two hours of your life to be shaken, rattled and rolled.

It was the LACK of talking about Kevin that left both the characters and audience alike wondering just what hit them…

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